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Shots of VSUP’s new shirts designed by Monika Krobov√°.


Short video feature about Dauwd, London-based musician. He was one of the first artists who got me introduced to electronic music so it was nice to meet the guy in person.

Dauwd on Kindlinn from Jaroslav Moravec on Vimeo.

Adidas Instagram feed

Factory Floor

Shots documenting Factory Floor’s studio last couple of days before the building was torn down.

‘Like the poshest bacon ever' - Tom Kerridge on smoked eel and the best of British food - video

A short interview with Tom Kerridge about.. eels. Edited by Marissa Keating, shot for The Guardian.

Sneaker collectors



Miracle Blow promo

Francis Harris

Francis Harris

Short trailer for tomorrow’s club night hosting german producer Recondite.

Live Session filmed few minutes before intimate gig for 50 people introducing Connan Mockasin's new album 'Caramel' forInverted Audio. Thanks to Tom Durston and Emily Hodgson.