I have documented the first Superstition night organized by Village Underground.

I have made my video trailer couple of months back but never got around to share it.

adidas Running

Series of shots taken for adidas Running Instagram feed. 

Agency: U-Dox/ we are social


I visited Capalbio in Italy to document a three day music session involving broad range of musicians, from gadget geeks through clarinet players up to an opera singer. 

Following are portraits of some genuinely interesting Italian characters. Thanks for inviting me.


Shots of new adidas kicks.

I have shot a short piece for the German techno label Dystopian, introducing their new website. Thanks Tom Durston, Kian Andalou, Petr Pufler for making this happen.

Original Original

Shots of VSUP’s new shirts designed by Monika Krobová.


Short video feature about Dauwd, London-based musician. He was one of the first artists who got me introduced to electronic music so it was nice to meet the guy in person.

Dauwd on Kindlinn from Jaroslav Moravec on Vimeo.

Adidas Instagram feed

Factory Floor

Shots documenting Factory Floor’s studio last couple of days before the building was torn down.